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Call for Abstracts

We are inviting chapters, personal narratives, interviews, and creative works for an edited volume on Mindfulness, Movement, and Cultural Revitalization: Indigenous Contemplative Theories and Practices, which will be published by Springer International in May 2025. Co-edited by Dr. Laura Dunn (Santa Clara University) and Dr. Tria Blu Wakpa (University of California, Los Angeles), this collection will feature diverse voices and perspectives that illuminate and celebrate the abundance, endurance, and revitalization of Indigenous practices globally. 


“Śaivism in North America.” In Bloomsbury Religion in North America. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2024.

“Tulasi Srinivas, The Cow in the Elevator: An Anthropology of Wonder” (book review), Asian Ethnology, 79/1 (2020).

Dunn, Laura, and Graham M. Schweig, editors. “Special Issue on Contemporary Yoga Studies: Philosophy, Practice, Ethics, & Applications.” Journal of Dharma Studies 4, no. 1 (Spring 2020).

“Yoginī-s in the Flesh: Power, Praxis, and the Embodied Divine Feminine,” Journal of Dharma Studies (Springer International), Fall 2018, Berkeley, CA.

“The Self-Emptying God(dess): Death and Salvation in the Iconographies of the Crucifixion and Chinnamastā,” Berkeley Journal of Religion and Theology (Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley), 4, no. 2, 2018.

“The Eye of the Beholder: Contemplation of the Tantric Goddess, Chinnamastā:” Parabola Magazine, Volume 41; Issue 1, Spring 2016: The Divine Feminine.

"The Shadow Side of Yoga,” ed. Carolyn Costin, Joe Kelly, in Yoga and Eating Disorders: Ancient Healing for a Modern Illness (New York: Routledge, 2016).

“The Alchemical Fire”: Parabola Magazine, Volume 37; Issue 1, Spring 2012: The Burning World.

“Grace is Here! An Interview with Ram Dass”: Parabola Magazine, Volume 38; Issue 1, Spring 2013 Spirit in the World.



Decolonizing Yoga: Indigenous & Ally Perspectives, with Dr. Tria Blu Wakpa, Haley Laughter, and Laura Toyofuku-Aki, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley


“Embodied Hermeneutics of Tantric Sādhana,” Brown Bag Lunch Series, Brown Bag Lunch Series, Center For Arts  And Religion: Doug Adams Gallery, Berkeley


Virtual Sacred Spaces, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley


“Kālī: From British India To Modern-Day Laguna Beach, California” Brown Bag Lunch Series, Brown Bag Lunch Series, Center For Arts  And Religion: Doug Adams Gallery, Berkeley


“The Iconic Image Of Chinnamastā: Mediating The Gap Between Text And Experience” Violent Borders Book Launch, Center For South Asian Studies, Honolulu 


“Yoga as an Adjunct To Psychotherapy,” with Dr. Thomas Cummings, Dr. Richard Rothschiller, and Bridgette Snyder, Hawaii Psychological Association Conference, Honolulu





(respondent) “Contemplative Studies & Jainism: Meditation, Prayer, and Veneration” (Routledge, 2023), DANAM/American Academy of Religion Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX


“Reenchanting The Body: Asceticism Of Transnational Ashtanga Yoga” American Academy Of Religion, San Diego


“Yoginī-s In The Flesh: The Embodied Divine Feminine” American Academy Of Religion, Annual Meeting, Denver


“Presence And Absence: The Eternal And Ephemeral Image Of Dakshinakālī” Symposium On Semiotics And Hermeneutics In Indian Thought, Center For Dharma Studies, GTU, Berkeley 


“Yoginīs in the Flesh: The Embodied Divine Feminine,” Persistent Voices, Women’s Studies in Religion Student Conference, GTU, Berkeley


“Yoginīs in the Flesh: The Embodied Divine Feminine,” Religion & Ritual: Poetics & Performance of the Ineffable, Center for South Asian Studies, University of Hawaii Mānoa, Honolulu 


(Respondent) “Hinduism & Sustainability” Religion And Kindness, American Academy Of Religion Western Regional Conference, Institute Of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley 



  • 2022-2024—Shared Sacred Story Project, Fetzer Institute, Kalamazoo, MI 

  • 2021-Present—Visualizing Power, Association for Asian Studies Publication Grant, National Endowment of Humanities 

  • 2021— Journal of Dharma Studies, Editorial Newhall Fellowship, GTU, Berkeley 

  • 2019—Yoga for Healing Sexual Trauma, Interreligious Collaborative Research Fellowship, GTU, Berkeley 

  • 2016-2018, 2020—Presidential Scholar, GTU, Berkeley

  • 2018—Newhall Fellow, GTU, Berkeley

  • 2018 & 2019—Center for Arts & Religion Field Research Grant, Berkeley

  • 2015—“A Cross-Cultural Inquiry Into Religious Understanding Theory And Practice Of Kataphatic and Apophatic Discourse,” Templeton, Marlboro, Vermont 

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