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Photography is a way for me to express that which is difficult to express in words using a medium that exists on the periphery of language. Throughout history, the photograph illustrates the "epiphanic power of images to shift our vision of the world."* I often use image making either as an in-the-moment diary of experiences or as a catalogue during field research. Truthfully, many of these images do not reflect a preconceived project or body of work. I organize images into thematic collections many months after they were taken. Thus, many of these image galleries convey both spontaneity and reflection, immediacy and deliberation. The content of the catalogues you see here portray the imprint of humanity upon the living landscape.

*Tulasi Srinivas, The Cow in the Elevator: An Anthropology of Wonder (London: Duke University Press, 2018), 25.

Image Galleries

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